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EMI Reset is applicable in case of borrowers who borrowed under a
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What is the LTV ratio in case of individual housing loan of rupees 35 lakhs?
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Which of the following Acts, governs the contract of guarantee in case of a housing loan?
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Prepayment charges collected by branches should be credited to interest A/C.
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Under the WDV method the depreciation is calculated on
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What will be the modified duration, if the duration of Bond yielding 5% is 2.5?
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Which of the following organization, monitors the performance of Golden Jubilee Rural Housing Finance scheme?
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Under section 24b of the Income Tax Act, interest upto Rs. ____ can be claimed as deduction for housing loans taken on or after April 1st 1999.
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Which of the following is generally not considered a Collateral security for the home loan?
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If the debt due to a bank is Rs. 25 lakhs, then how much fee it should pay DRT while applying for recovery procedure?

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